Search and listen: Christmas stories
Joanne Partis, Anna Taube

Search and listen: Christmas stories

Published on 10.10.2022

16 pages

277 mm x 221 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4821-1


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  • Over 50 spoken words and atmospheric sounds bring the book to life
  • The interactive concept playfully promotes concentration, motor skills, and language acquisition.
  • Replaceable batteries and practical on/off switch on the back of the book

Christmas biscuits are being baked in the kindergarten. The food processor rattles, the oven beeps and Michel drops an egg. Splash! Accompany Bobbi the dachshund to the Christmas market, where the hand organ is playing Christmas carols. Oh and listen! What does it sound like when the animals in the stable celebrate Christmas with farmer Johann? Press the sound buttons and find out.
7 funny stories offer the very first Christmas read-along and read-along fun for children from 24 months. Small pictures in the text invite children to search and bring the stories to life at the touch of a button. 

Joanne Partis
Joanne Partis

Anna Taube
Anna Taube
Gerald "Greulix" Schrank, Lucca Züchner, Joanne Partis, Anna Taube

Search and listen: My colorful storybook

Seven short stories that invite children to actively take part in the reading: each text misses some words, which are replaced by small illustrations. These can also be found on the right side of each double page as part of a bigger illustration. As soon as the corresponding element has been found and pressed, the missing word and a matching sound can be heard. These stories which are taking place on the playground, at the seaside or at the farm for example are a great fun for children and parents alike!

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Joanne Partis, Joschi Mühl

Wake up, Mr. Bear, it's Christmas!

Christmas season has begun, and the forest animals are excited to prepare their homes for the special holiday. The smell of cookies sweetens the air, Christmas decorations are being put up and the snowy landscape is the best playground for snowball fights! Will Mr. Bear wake up in time for the final celebration?

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Joanne Partis, Joschi Mühl

Hoo, hoo, good night to you!

It’s night time in the forest and most animals are preparing themselves for a restful night under the watchful eyes of the owl. Mr. Bear is already sleeping soundly in his cave, his snores echoing loudly through the forest. Just as loud but much more lively is the little mouse still playing with the toy train or the little bunny jumping up and down on top of the bed. But in the end, every little rascal grows tired and with one soft lullaby, the owl sings them to sleep. Sweet dreams!

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