Search and listen: My colorful storybook
Gerald "Greulix" Schrank, Lucca Züchner, Joanne Partis, Anna Taube

Search and listen: My colorful storybook

Published on 29.04.2022

Reading level: 24 months

16 pages

277 mm x 221 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4656-9


Rights sold to:

Canada (French)


  • More than 40 sounds 
  • A great way to include children in the story
  • Diversified stories written by Anna Taube

Seven short stories that invite children to actively take part in the reading: each text misses some words, which are replaced by small illustrations. These can also be found on the right side of each double page as part of a bigger illustration. As soon as the corresponding element has been found and pressed, the missing word and a matching sound can be heard. These stories which are taking place on the playground, at the seaside or at the farm for example are a great fun for children and parents alike!

Gerald "Greulix" Schrank
Edited by
Gerald "Greulix" Schrank

Lucca Züchner
Lucca Züchner

Lucca was born in 1979 in Bremen. She won the German Rock and Pop Award in Bonn after a year abroad in the USA, and decided to become a musical actress. After graduating she studied at the “Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding” in Munich and received her diploma in 2005. In the following years she performed in musical productions, mainly in Switzerland and Austria - Theater Basel, Theater St. Gallen and in Berlin. Her first permanent engagement at the Schauburg, the youth theatre of the Munich Kammerspiele, brought her back to Munich in 2010. She was a member of the ensemble for seven years. Lucca has worked as a singer and narrator for soundtracks of several cinema films as well as radio play productions for all age groups.

Joanne Partis
Joanne Partis

Anna Taube
Anna Taube
Izabella Markiewicz, Gerald "Greulix" Schrank, Lucca Züchner

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