Jens Schumacher, Hauke Kock

Escape from the Dragon Castle

Published on 29.04.2022

Reading level: 9 years

112 pages

156 mm x 205 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4648-4


Rights sold to:

Czech Republic


  • An amazing gamebook playable alone or with friends
  • From the bestseller author Jens Schumacher

You are now sure of it: a betrayer is hidden among lecturers of the prestigious Magic Adademy. His aim is to kill the King! But he is one step ahead of you and  as he finds out that you see through his sneaky plan, he tries to set you up. Everybody now thinks that you stole away the magical amulett of the castle. Can you get yourself out of jail, disrupt his plan and save the King?

Jens Schumacher
Jens Schumacher

Hauke Kock
Hauke Kock
Trapped between the pages - do not enter! Neu Neu
Jens Schumacher, Thorsten Berger

Trapped between the pages - do not enter!

Warning - this book is dangerous! It contains ancient occult symbols and magical runes. In the hands of the wrong person it may cause fear and trouble. In the worst case the borders between the human world and the demon realm might open. The consequences would be horrendous!

Don't come too close or else you might get pu...pulled into the demon realm. Great! Too late! Well, hello then. My name is Snuphuluzius XVII and I sure don't want to have you here! Do you have any idea of how embarrasing it would be for me to be seen with a human?! So let's get you out of this book asap!

Join Snuphi on his way through the underworld, to the palace, to school and help him break into Parodontho's laboratory to find out if magic can free YOU this time...

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Jens Schumacher, Hauke Kock

Locked up in the secret laboratory

Welcome to the world of espionnage and secret missions! The mad scientist Zaphira Zalamander is a threat to our world. Your role will be to counterattack her dark plans by cracking exciting puzzles and brainteasers. But be aware: you only have a few days to save the world!

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Jens Schumacher, Thorsten Berger

Still trapped between the pages! (Vol.2)

After allegedly releasing Snuphuluzius XVII from his eternal prison, he finds himself trapped once again in another book. Apparently he also went through numerous other books in the progress, like The Big encyclopedia of Pugs and a maths text book from school. Definitely not a pleasant experience. Eventually he ends up in a very thorough history book. But the magic somehow messed with the content of the book... and it has all come to life! Follow Snuphuluzius XVII through the different chapters of history and ensure his survival. A fun interactive story with lots of humour, puzzles and riddles. Will Snuphuluzius XVII be free in the end? Or is there more trouble ahead?

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Jens Schumacher, Thorsten Berger

Trapped between the pages! (Vol.1)

Snuphuluzius XVII has had enough! The little demon from the fourth circle of hell feels unappreciated. He is a real demon too! Defiantly, he decides to travel to the human world by possessing a human, someone important and influential. Just like the big demons. But something goes terrible wrong and instead of being able to slip into a human Snuphuluzius wakes up in a boring book. He is trapped and cannot escape without the help of someone else. Lucky for him, this book has just been bought -by you! Are you up to the demon’s challenges? Will you be able to perform the ritual and free Snuphuluzius XVII?

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Jens Schumacher, Michael Kobr, Volker Klüpfel

Officer Kluftinger in danger!

An Escape-Room game

Are YOU the right person to put the mole behind bars? 
Since his last case, Kluftinger knows that there is a security leak at the police headquarters which gives information and results of investigations to the underworld.
He decdides to end this dangerous situation - and instructs YOU to identify the mole and get him arrested! But the headquarters are big and on top of that you only have one hour to put Kluftingers' bold plan into operation...

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Jens Schumacher, Hauke Kock

Escape Room - under the abducter's control

An Escape-Thriller-Game

The daughter of a filthy rich industrialist got kidnapped - Ransom demand: 1.5 Million euros!
The Criminal Investigation Department puts YOU, their special agent for tricky cases, onto this case. You start with your investigations but at the place of delivery for the ransom you get knocked down from behind. As you get your consciousness back you find yourself chained up in the basement of an old office building - without food or any little hint for any plans with you. Will you be able to free yourself, find the missing girl and get out of the abducters' hideout alive?

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Jens Schumacher, Steffen Winkler

Escape Room - Bloody trail

An Escape-Thriller-game

A new case for YOU: as a specialist for tricky cases you follow a trail of packages that conatin body parts of an unidentifiable corpse.
You manage to find the sender and face him in a remote country house. There you have an unpleasent surprise: You know this man! You did put him behind bars about 13 years ago - a fatefull deed for which he plots revenge. The mad man overpowers you and drags you into a bare room where you regain consciousness and wake up with a revealing ticking noise that comes from a metal band around your neck. A voice recording informs you that you'll get a "fair" 1:99 chance of leaving this building alive! Time is running...

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Jens Schumacher, Hauke Kock

Locked up in the Past

Professor Ethan Tusk, your uncle and renowned scientist, has achieved the impossible: he created a portable time machine. The PORTA-Z, no bigger than a laptop, is ready for the first test run and you have to help your uncle. The plan is simple: you will travel together into the past and return after a few moments. Hand in hand, the PORTA-Z is activated and the countdown starts. But then your uncle has to sneeze and lets go of your hand just as the timer hits zero. A flash and everything you know has disappeared. Where are you – or when are you?

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