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Patricia Mennen, Regine Altegoer

Kalle Beetle

A Story of Being Different

Kalle Beetle is not very fast and misfortunes happens to him all the time because he was born with one of his legs the wrong way around. His friends get pretty impatient, sometimes laugh at...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-7928-7

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Charlotte Habersack, Thorsten Saleina

Caries Alarm!

Emil does not understand why he has to brush his teeth so often. Mum just cleans the windows when grandma comes for a visit. But mum explains to Emil that his teeth are very precious and need...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6293-7

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Gaby Grosser, Franziska Harvey

Knight Unafraid and the Horrible Monster

When Knight Unafraid moves into his new fortress, he doesn't know anything about the monster that lives in the dungeon. But one night, at witching hour, the two residents of the castle meet....

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6492-4

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Anna Marshall, Sandra Grimm

Another Story, Please!

New Wish-Stories

In these books, the child can choose four images on the four different story-wheels which shall be included in the story, for example a boy, a dragon, a castle and a key. The story containing...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8454-0

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Edith Thabet, Martina Badstuber

Thanks, Little Easter Bunny!

The Easter bunny family has not enough eggs for painting, so the little rabbit quickly runs to the hens and gets a full basket of eggs. But on his way back home, he loses them, one by one....

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6874-8

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Ida Bohatta

Happy Easter

Recipes, Handicrafts and Poems

In the book you can find recipes for Easter and handicraft ideas with lovely illustrations of Ida Bohatta. A baking-tin in the shape of a rabbit goes together with the book! A wunderful...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8473-1

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Renate Seelig

Children's Prayers

This book contains morning prayers and prayers for the evening, grace and thanksgiving prayers which are accompanying the day. Atmospheric illustrations from Renate Seelig make of this book a...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6882-3

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Renate Seelig

My Most Beautiful Prayers for a Good Night

Prayer's Die

On the die there six different beautiful prayers to say before going to bed. With the die, praying becomes a playful ritual. Faith is easily and daily integrated.

GTIN: 4014489100379

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Ingrid Uebe, Silvio Neuendorf

Kid Ear- The World’s Funniest Rabbit

During a full moon, Lilli’s cuddly toy “Kid Ear” comes alive. He looks pretty normal from the front, but on the back he’s got a big green button instead of a stubby tail. When they rollick...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-5285-3

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Sylvia Englert, Christiane Hansen

Tommy Lionfriend, the Most Courageous Boy in the World

They are the attraction of the Ferinelli Circus: the seven-year-old Tommy and his lion Roaring Mane. Since both are such good friends, their tricks are not as dangerous as they might look....

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6878-6

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Gisela Stottele, Tonya Goranova

The Christ Child is Born

The night was dark and cold. Finally Joseph and Mary reached Bethlehem. Where can they stay? Gisela Stottle explains the story which always touched and enchanted us, according to the Bible....

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6294-4

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Ida Bohatta

Heaven's Bakery

This picture book classic by Ida Bohattta enchants children and adults alike. "Heaven's Bakery" is the perfect gift for the Advent season!

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6905-9

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Marliese Arold


Magic Girls

Notebook with the popular Magic Girls-look! On 144 pages, there's space for everything that would otherwise have been easily forgotten again ...  

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8470-0

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Sylvia Englert, Antje Flad

I Stop At Red!

My First Traffic Book

Fabian learns how to ride the bicycle - but not only does this take a lot of practice, but also clear rules of how to behave on the roads. In this book, little bicycle beginners learn with...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6289-0

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Katja Senner

My Kindergarden Friends

In this album, there's space for all your kindergarden friends. You can write something about yourself, paint something, paste photos in or register yourself in the birthday calendar. That...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6489-4

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