The Little Love Oracle

We need love like the air to breathe. Hit by Cupid's arrow, no obstacle is too high and no path too long. Love is unpredictable, variable and leaves behind many uncertainties that depress the...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6376-7

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Little Treasure Chest of Love

99 Words of Wisdom Straight from the Heart

... they belong together: but for those who can't trust luck alone we recommend this fateful lots box. 99 words of wisdom and thoughts about love that convince every reader with their truth,...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6392-7

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Hans Kruppa

About Happiness and Love

This gift book is a companion through all phases of life with words that provide ever new meanings and inspirations. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6337-8

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Bake Your Dream Woman

Take some flour, milk, butter, sugar: and there she is - the perfect woman that never complains and also reduces the spending on sweets. Many tempting recipes conjure up the dream woman. No...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6824-3

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The Anti-Hangover Box

Finally a therapeutic reference book with the best tips and tricks for a hangover day with dignity: which methods quickly transform your exploding skull into a sober mind and why a hangover...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6342-2

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Advent calendar: The Little Prince

In this Advent calendar you find the most enchanting quotations and images from Antoine de Saint-Exupérys "The Little Prince". Poetic and charming this Advent calendar fits perfectly into the...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-5359-1

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Guardian Angel

Heavenly Companion

This little book in a gift box leads you into the world of angels, the key ring "Angel's Wing" serves as your personal lucky charm. Everybody has a guardian angel. It protects us day after...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6304-0

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365 Garden Words of Wisdom

An Everlasting Calendar

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> Gardening knowledge that has been passed down for generations provides for green fingers all year round!...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6331-6

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Because I Endlessly Love You

The World's Longest Declaration of Love

Five metres of love and lyricism, design and poetry - this isn't for real? See for yourself! We have the world's longest declaration of love which is almost as infinite as the big feelings...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6377-4

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The Little Luck Oracle

I bet you anything that everybody can capture a little piece of the good fortune! This little luck oracle gives important advice. But where to start? Or does it find us?<?xml:namespace prefix...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-5315-7

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