Margit Ruile, Laurence Sartin

Mira and the Book of Dragons

Volume 3

The Christmas holidays have started. It is dark and really cold. Almost all the White Magicians have vanished and Mira has not heard anything from her friends for a long time. But suddenly…

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8077-1

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Maja von Vogel, Ulrike Haseloff

Little Star helps Santa Claus

It is Christmas eve and the unicorn Little Star doesnt celebrate Chrismas with his friends, because Greta is scared it could be discovered. Furious Little Star runs in the forest. Suddenly,…

ISBN: 978-3-7607-9829-5

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Claire Singer

Karlotta Completely Rattled

On a rainy November day, Karlotta's holidays with her Dad start - which again means a lot of spontaneity and a limited diet for them. Quite unexpectedly, Karlotta discovers that her Dad has…

ISBN: 978-3-7607-9586-7

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Marliese Arold

Magic Girls - The beginning

Horror in the witches family Bredov! Is Leon, the father, actually a member of the "black magic robes" - a banned group of black magic? Elena is particulary chocked. Is dad really a criminal?…

ISBN: 978-3-8458-0276-3

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Katrin Lankers

Frozen Time

In 2100 in the United European Nations (UEN), the totalitarian regime of the "Silverlions" governs, led by the President Samantha Figger. The "Silverlions" have established a system in which…

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8961-3

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Kai Lüftner, Judith Drews

Milk Pirates - Revenge for Rosa

The Milk Pirates are still the coolest gang one could ever imagine. At the beginning of the summer holidays, there was a wild party at the Milk Pirates' chief's place, where a lot went wrong.…

ISBN: 978-3-8458-0305-0

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Judith Allert, Joëlle Tourlonias

Paula and Lou: Everyone loves Rüdiger

Lou's lucky charm is lost which is accompanied by unpleasant consequences! She goes through a bad patch: a lost class essay, a skinned knee… The little detectives start to conduct an inquiry…

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8755-8

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Judith Allert, Joëlle Tourlonias

Paula and Lou: Clapper Board and Action

Paula and Lou are in search of adventures with their old video camera. But it is not easy to find things that are worth being filmed. Yet, finally something shows up right at their doorstep…

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8756-5

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Judith Allert, Joëlle Tourlonias

Paula and Lou: Tigers, Stars and a Croco-Man

The opening of Hotel Starlet is approaching and still everyone has lots of other things to do. Paula and Lou want to win the award for animal welfare. And to make things worse: Larissa,…

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8754-1

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Judith Allert, Joëlle Tourlonias

Paula and Lou: Hurly-Burly Star Road

Paula has been convinced that the old hotel next door is haunted. From then on, she tries to catch sight of the ancient ghosts that are living there... or so she believes! But then Lou steps…

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8732-9

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