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Thorsten Saleina

The Cow makes Mooooo

My Book of Sounds

"Cluck-cluck!", makes the chicken."Plop!" she lays an egg."Crack", the shell is breaking.The little chick hatches and makes "beep!" A book for children and adults with many animal noises and...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-9857-8

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Sabine Cuno, Dorothea Ackroyd, Christine Georg

Christmas Stories for the Little Ones

Animals decorate the Chrismas tree, Santa Claus is coming, Jonas and Moritz are building a snowman, the small bear wants to be an ice bear. Those and a lot more small adventures and stories...

ISBN: 978-3-8458-0284-8

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Sabine Cuno, Michaela Heitmann

My First Easter Stories

This brightly coloured book is a great gift to put in children's Easter baskets: ten little stories tell children from the age of 24 months about the funny experiences of little kids and...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8744-2

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Dorothea Ackroyd, Marlis Scharff-Kniemeyer, Sabine Cuno

Beautiful Stories for the Little Ones

Today, Sofia was at the circus, Julian plays with his fathers‘ tractor and little cat Naseweis nibbles chocolate pudding. 15 tiny stories tell about big and little adventures.

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6831-1

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Regine Altegoer, Sandra Grimm

Get well, little bear!

Being ill already is a misery for adults. How much worse is it for the little ones who can't console themselves with the knowledge that the cold will be over again soon. Beeing ill what kids...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8743-5

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Dorothea Ackroyd, Marlis Scharff-Kniemeyer, Sabine Cuno

First Stories for the Little Ones

This padded book collects 15 short stories with small adventures. The stories are beautifully illustrated especially for children!

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6999-8

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Rosemarie Künzler-Behncke, Gabriele Dal Lago

Good Night

The little bear is going to sleep. First, however, he washes his face, brushes his teeth, then he slips into his pajamas and reads a book to his stuffed toys and brings them to bed - before...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6499-3

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Renate Cossmann

Träumelinchen Bed-Time Songs

When children should go to bed, bedtime songs gently bring the little ones to sleep. The small star fairy Träumelinchen leads through the lovingly illustrated board book that contains the...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-4107-9

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Rosemarie Künzler-Behncke, Corina Beurenmeister

Beppo Is Looking For His Mummy

This book shows in a wonderfully graphic way how the little dog Beppo is looking for his mother and how his friends help him. With blanked-out little paths and many different feel elements,...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6450-4

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Denitza Gruber

My Farm

From frog to fire brigade: With these colourful cardboard characters, boredom will never be in control of pram or cot. The sturdy and thick cardboard pages invite toddlers to grab and hold...

ISBN: 978-3-7607-5370-6

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