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Another drama with the llama! Neu
Eefje Kuijl, Anna Taube

Another drama with the llama!

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5840-1

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A little secret Neu
Agi Ofner

A little secret

The little squirrel has a secret. Do you want to solve it? Then play with the squirrel - maybe it will reveal its secret to you... This interactive book is designed for toddlers aged 24…

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5544-8

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Kathryn Selbert

Search and find - Springtime

As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear from the sky, the city awakens from its winter slumber. In the city park, the first joggers, walkers and cyclists are out and about. Look, there's…

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5620-9

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Outi Kaden, Robert Scheffner

At night, when everyone is asleep

Who's lurking out that little door? It's the elves and they are waiting for you to finally fall asleep. Because once the house is silent and all the lights are switched off, they will go on…

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5547-9

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Kathryn Selbert

Search and find - In the winter

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5514-1

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Sharon Harmer, Michael Engler

The lost reindeer

Santa calls his reindeer together. He cooked a delicious soup for them all, before they set off on their great sleigh ride. Unfortunately, the little reindeer has a cold and can't smell the…

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5366-6

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Big Moe, Karsten Teich

The pot is hot

Daddy Moe is the best cook in the world! At least that's what his sons say. They love Daddy Moe's spaghetti with tomatoe sauce and are always willing to help with the cooking. But before they…

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5348-2

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Erhard Dietl, Outi Kaden

Good night, little mouse

It's time to sleep - too bad that the little mouse isn't tired at all! And there are also so many things left to do before going to bed: like nibbling ten holes in the cheese, taking nine…

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5101-3

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Stefan Seelig

All my vehicles

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5485-4

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Andrea Peter

Sooo many shoes!

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5428-1

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