Valerie Scheerbaum, Noelle. T

You are your fantasy

Published on 31.08.2023

32 pages

285 mm x 220 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4795-5


  • An amazing story to help children use their imagination
  • With wonderful illustrations from Valerie Groß

There is a place where you can always go. A place full of magic. A place that belongs only to you. There, everything is possible and you can be anything you want. This place is your imagination.

Follow us in a meditative journey to fantastic places: into a mysterious forest, into the depths of the sea, to the sky or onto a meadow. There are absolutely no boundaries!

Valerie Scheerbaum
Valerie Scheerbaum

Noelle. T
Noelle. T

Noelle.T is an illustrator based in Australia. Ever since she was a child she has been fascinated by the moonlit sky as it is full of beauty and mysteries. Story books and fairy tales have always been a source of inspiration for her, and she endeavors to convey the magic of her imagination into artworks.

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