Anna Karina Birkenstock, Julia Hilgeroth-Buchner, Birgit Hörner

What tickles in your Nose?

Rhymes, Tickle- and Finger Games for young Parents

Published on 28.04.2014

96 pages

150 mm x 150 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-0250-3


  • The perfect gift for young parents!
  • Rhymes, tickle- and finger games with simple instructions
  • Simply to be placed, so join in!

The perfect gift for young parents: in this Stand-Up Display you can find many traditional and modern rhymes, tickle- and finger games with short, simple instructions supporting our young parents. Simply place the Stand-Up Display and join in!

With lovely illustrations by Anna Karina Birkenstock.

Anna Karina Birkenstock
Anna Karina Birkenstock

Julia Hilgeroth-Buchner
Julia Hilgeroth-Buchner

Birgit Hörner
Birgit Hörner
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