Katharina E. Volk, Laura Rosendorfer

Welcome little elf

Published on 06.10.2023

108 pages

156 mm x 206 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5581-3


  • 24 short stories about the life of the elves 
  • Advent calender book: cut-open-pages reveal one story every day

In the weeks before Christmas, little elves secretly move into many houses around the world. They leave traces around the house, write letters to us humans and bring joy to the little ones by gifting them little surprises. An elf in the house makes the advent time so much more enjoyable - and every page in this book makes you fall in love with these little creatures even more.

Katharina E. Volk
Katharina E. Volk

Laura  Rosendorfer
Laura Rosendorfer
Sandra Grimm, Katharina E. Volk, Anna Karina Birkenstock

222 Christmas and winter stories

Mommy, can you read me another story?

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Sandra Grimm, Katharina E. Volk, Anna Marshall

222 Stories to cuddle up

Children love to hear a bedtime story before having to sleep. This book is a wonderful collection of stories about friendship, adventures, princesses and knights, animals and ghosts. Colourful illustrations complete the reading experience - be prepared to hear "Just one more!"

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