Toothbrush party in the jungle Neu
Craig Shuttlewood, Joschi Mühl

Toothbrush party in the jungle

Published on 30.04.2024

12 pages

195 mm x 195 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5521-9


  • Important topic explained in a fun story
  • One sound on each spread

Brushing teeth is a wild adventure! What's this? The little monkey finds a yellow thing with white bristles in the jungle. What could it be? Is it for picking noses, scratching backs or combing hair? The jaguar puts the thing in its mouth and scrubs its teeth with it. The monkeys laugh. The crocodile knows that the thing is a toothbrush. And because it has so many teeth, all the animals help with brushing and have a great time!

Craig Shuttlewood
Craig Shuttlewood

Joschi  Mühl
Joschi Mühl

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