Oliver Wnuk, Matthias Derenbach

The Noisy Beaver Lodge

Published on 30.08.2021

Reading level: 6 years

64 pages

246 mm x 175 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4169-4


  • Age-appropriate story about solving conflicts
  • Timeless important message about handling fear

It is a beautiful summer’s day. The birds are singing, the sun is shining. But suddenly it gets noisy. Where does this racket come from? It is Willy Weasel and Olaf Otter that are causing this disturbance. They bumped into each other at the beaver’s lodge but they both don’t want to make room for the other one. When Willy Weasel gets upset, he needs to go pee. When Olaf Otter is afraid, he starts shaking. A few moments later the lodge does collapse. But Kasi the Owl is already here to help. His calm mind and proper questions are revealing new perspectives.

Oliver Wnuk
Oliver Wnuk

Matthias Derenbach
Matthias Derenbach
Oliver Wnuk, Matthias Derenbach

The mole which wanted to fly

Spring is here! The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Matze the Mole dreams of flying. He would love to be able to fly like his friend Kasi Kauz - it is all he can think of. It makes him sad that he is so different from Kasi. Things change when Frida Fox' burrow collapses due to heavy rain: her little fox cubs are burried! Now Matze's help is needed and it's his time to shine with his skills.

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Oliver Wnuk, Matthias Derenbach

The Strange Crow

A strange newcomer appeared in the woods. Its appea-rance worries the inhabitants. It has bright coloured feathers and makes weird noises. Wilma Wild Boar is afraid that it might be dangerous and could hurt her family. Speedy Squirrel is worrying about his nut stocks. The duck, Mrs Chatter, is jealous of its beautiful feathers. Fortunately does Kasi know how to listen properly and has trust in everyone.

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