Outi Kaden

The little Elf of the winter Forest

Published on 19.09.2018

Reading level: 24 months

16 pages

184 mm x 147 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-2649-3


  • Beautiful illustrations by Outi Kaden
  • Humorous rhyming text
  • Innovative combination between photographs and illustrations

A little elf lives in a cold and snowy forest and takes care of the animals at his best. He brings to the tit a few grains to eat as he knows she likes them quite a lot. The little fox caught a cold and needs to cheer up so the elf brings him tea and cough syrup! This charming board book mixes high-quality photographs with lovely illustrations, realistic scenes of the everyday life of animals of the forest with imaginary scenes of fantastic beings. A great way to discover nature with a new eye!

Outi Kaden
Outi Kaden
Outi Kaden, Robert Scheffner

At night, when everyone is asleep

Who's lurking out that little door? It's the elves and they are waiting for you to finally fall asleep. Because once the house is silent and all the lights are switched off, they will go on their little adventures in the human world. Can you find the traces they left along their way in the morning?

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Erhard Dietl, Outi Kaden

Good night, little mouse

It's time to sleep - too bad that the little mouse isn't tired at all! And there are also so many things left to do before going to bed: like nibbling ten holes in the cheese, taking nine rides with the racing car around the house and watering the cactus with eight drops of water... Mommy and Daddy Mouse are happy when they finally get to the last request for the evening: just one more bedtime story! 

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Outi Kaden, Robert Scheffner

Where the Christmas Elves live

Come with us on a magical journey behind the secret elf door! What does the world behind the mysterious door in the wall look like? And what do the little elves experience during the Christmas season? Lovingly staged photos take the viewer into the wonderful world of the elves and delight young and old with atmospheric details and a first story. An atmospheric companion through the Advent and Christmas season for children from 2 years and their families. Recommended by the elves themselves!

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