Madlen Ottenschläger, Stefanie Reich

Metti Guinea Pig

Published on 25.02.2022

40 pages

285 mm x 220 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4303-2


  • The power of accepting others and oneself
  • Being different is absolutely okay
  • Warmly illustrated by bestselling illustrator Stefanie Reich 

Metti is the happiest, bounciest bunny in the whole world. Metti loves hanging out with all bunny friends, do all bunny stuffs, eat bunny food and play bunny games. Until one fine day, a stranger comes to the village and announces that Metti is actually not a rabbit, but a guinea pig. Metti´s world is turning upside-down.

A heartfelt start of adentures of the most adorable enthusiastic Metti (a bunny, a piggy, or it just doesn´t matter). It is absolutely ok to be different and a true bunny friendship is more than white ears and cute tails.

Madlen Ottenschläger
Madlen Ottenschläger

Madlen Ottenschläger was born in 1979 in the city with the highest church tower in the world (161.53 metres). She studied and worked in Munich and Hamburg, including as a journalist for Brigitte. „Metti Meerschwein“ by arsEdition was her successful children's book debut. Many more picture books followed, such as „Otto fährt los - Ein Sommer in Schweden“. She lives in southern Germany with her family and a small gang of guinea pigs.

Stefanie Reich
Stefanie Reich
Otto's summer in Italy Neu Neu
Madlen Ottenschläger, Stefanie Reich

Otto's summer in Italy

Our favorite camping van Otto is back! And this time, he is taking a new lovely family to the land of sun, good food, and beautiful beaches: Italy! Come and join this new adventure full of dolce vita and funny moments.

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Madlen Ottenschläger, Malin Hörl

Ria's wish

Horse Ria lives on a farm with many other horses. For a long time, there haven't been any children around. Only the oldest horses still remember how it used to be: all cuddly wonderful and curly-happy. That is exactly what Ria longs for. And one day, there's a child at the gate: Toni. But Ria's wish isn't fulfilled right away, because Toni doesn't want a horse as a friend.  In fact, she's afraid of these giant-tree-sized horses... Until one day, the two of them unintentionally meet. Will they eventually become friends and will Ria's wish come true?

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Madlen Ottenschläger, Stefanie Reich

Metti and the Easter surprise

When winter is finally over and flowers are growing all over the place, Metti and her rabbit friend Hedi make a discovery: apparently, their friend Oskar has a secret. Metti and Hedi are convinced: Oskar must be the Easter Bunny! Now they have to watch Oskar's every move to confirm what they believe - and to get the evidence they need!

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Madlen Ottenschläger, Stefanie Reich

Metti is looking for her family

Metti is a happy little guinea pig - and not a rabbit, like she used to think! It is not that big of a problem for her, as she lives quite happily at the farm with her friends. Still, she would really like to know who her family is - and as she has heard that guinea pigs often live near the sea, she one day decides to go find them. What a difficult decision, leaving the home she knows and loves to go into the unknown! But as her two best friends decide to join her in this adventure, Metti is ready to confront anything!

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Madlen Ottenschläger, Stefanie Reich

Otto - Let's go to Sweden!

Otto is a classic Camping-Van. He can be rented for vacations, which is exactly what Mom and Dad do with their kids Juli and Theo. Of course, dog Anni is with them as well. Let's go to Sweden! But, as Otto is a special Van, the adventure already starts at home. Not all of the stuffed animals fit into the car? That's nonsense! Once Dad looks away, Otto just gets bigger and it's done! And when Anna gets scared one night on vacation, Otto tells her of his adventures...

During this summer vacation, Otto and his vacationing family experience a colorful round of Swedish adventures.

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