Motsi Mabuse, Christine Rickhoff, Diane Ewen

Magic hair

Published on 29.09.2023

40 pages

285 mm x 220 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5018-4


  • A wonderful story about a little girl who encourages children to be brave
  • Story by author Motsi Mabuse from the jury of Let's Dance

Nala is super excited for her trip to the woods with her parents and stuffed animal Salsa. She is looking forward to seeing all the animals and spending time with them. But when she arrives at the forest, a bad storm is coming in her direction. Fortunately, Nala is here to help. And she is not your ordinary girl, oh no! Her hair gives her super powers. But will she be brave enough to use them for the good cause by stepping out and showing everyone the true hero she is? 

Motsi Mabuse
Motsi Mabuse

Christine Rickhoff
Christine Rickhoff

Diane Ewen
Diane Ewen

Diane Ewen is British illustrator, born in Walsall, in the West Midlands.
She has always been in love with art and graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a B.A. Honours Degree in illustration.
Diane likes to create illustrations that are hand-drawn in pencil before painting in watercolour and acrylics prior to embellishing them using Photoshop but she also enjoys working directly on the computer screen creating her designs; constantly developing her style as she progresses.
She likes the fact that illustrations are the first things that entice the reader to engage with a book and is inspired by the use of vibrant colour. Her debut into publishing was the illustration of the “Pretty Poodle Parlour,” published by Orion and written by Angela MCallister.

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