Heike Anita Thomas, Corina Steffl

Iceland - Land of fire and ice

Published on 27.03.2023

Reading level: 10 years

80 pages

300 mm x 232 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-5068-9


  • New series about countries - first stop: Iceland!
  • Interesting information and astonishing facts about landscape, culture and inhabitants
  • Beautiful illustrations by Heike Anita Thomas

Dancing northern lights, bubbling geyser and sizzling volcanos - Iceland has a lot of breathtaking sights to behold. Let's visit some of the most interesting places on the island and get a feeling what makes its landscape and people so fascinating!

Heike Anita Thomas
Heike Anita Thomas

Corina Steffl
Corina Steffl
Auszeichnung | Umweltbuch des Monats Juni 2023
Auszeichnung | Umweltbuch des Monats Juni 2023

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