Ute Löwenberg, Sabine Legien

Goal scorer under Suspicion

Published on 30.09.2022

Reading level: 8 years

40 pages

260 mm x 195 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4908-9


  •  Appeals even to children who dislike reading
  • Tricky criminal cases that kids can relate to
  • Big variety in the type of puzzles: mazes, letter salads, error pictures or point puzzles

A signed soccer ball has been stolen - right out of the showcase! Was it a player from the team or could it have been someone else? Inspector Anni and her colleague Tarek are stumped for an answer to all those riddles. Can you help them find the true culprit? The two inspectors face a lot of adventures during their case, so even children that dislike reading know what will happen next! This mystery crime is not only fun for all fans of puzzles and riddles, but also promotes reading comprehension and concentration in children.

Ute Löwenberg
Ute Löwenberg

Sabine Legien
Sabine Legien
Ute Löwenberg, Eleanor Sommer

I am full of rage!

Managing one's own emotions can be frustrating, especially for children who still need to learn coping mechanisms. This book helps with managing negative emotions such as frustration and anger by giving children an outlet for these emotions. Every page comes with a task: write down what or who makes you angry and then tear out this page, punch the book, poke a hole into the page or scream as loud as you can.

Little monster characters guide you through each page of the book and help you learn new ways of letting go of negative emotions - and feel the relief afterwards.

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Ute Löwenberg


My big Scrawl and Scratch Book

In this book you can scrawl and scratch to your heart's content! With the attached wooden pencil and a few dashes on the back scratch pages, you can conjure up terrific glittery patterns and pictures! This book offers countless ideas and possiblities for the painting and crafting of the glittery scratch paper.



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