Sabine Bohlmann, Emilia Dziubak

Daddy, is 10 A Lot?

Published on 30.06.2021

Reading level: 3 years

32 pages

288 mm x 221 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4114-4


Rights sold to:

Czech Republic
South Korea


  • Heart-warming story about a curious little wolf and his father talking about life
  • Teaching children about the importance of the perspective
  • Gorgeous illustrations by Emilia Dziubak

While wandering in the forest, the little wolf feels its curiosity spark and asks question after question to its dad. Is ten a lot? Is the little wolf strong? Big? Fluffy? Smart? "It depends on many things", the father always answers. "If ten ants were to carry a banana, that would be too few. Ten monkeys on the other hand would be too many and that would cause chaos!" The other day the little wolf was really smart, when it evaded the skunk, but not so smart when it got stung by bees for trying to steal their honey. All of those questions depend on many things, that’s how life is.
When little wolf finally asks its dad whether he loves him and if that also depends on the context, its dad is quick to answer that he will always love the little wolf, no matter how tall, strong, smart or even fluffy it is. Because some things don't depend on anything, and that’s also how life is.

Sabine Bohlmann
Sabine Bohlmann

Emilia  Dziubak
Emilia Dziubak
Deutscher Kinderbuchpreis 2022 (Nominierungen)
Nominiert für den Deutschen Kinderbuchpreis 2022
Sabine Bohlmann, Emilia Dziubak

Mommy, how big is the world?

Children like to ask the most interesting questions and it is not always easy for parents to have an answer for everything. In this story, the Little Cat's mother tries to answer these questions in a child-appropriate way. 

This is the sequal to the best-selling book about Little Wolf and his dad!

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