Eefje Kuijl, Anna Taube

Always Drama with Little Llama!

Published on 10.12.2018

Reading level: 24 months

18 pages

175 mm x 175 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-2986-9


Rights sold to:

The Netherlands
Spain (Castilian)


• A humorous board book about defiance
• Featuring adorable llamas – the new trend!
• Beautiful and colorful illustrations from Eefje Kuijl

Dana is a happy and lively little llama girl. Just not today. She doesn’t want to comb her hair
or eat her grandma’s delicious leaves for lunch. And during the afternoon hike with her dad,
her hooves suddenly hurt so much that she simply can’t walk one more step. Nobody knows
why, but every situation turns into a huge llama-drama and Dana can’t help it. Can anything
cheer the little llama up?

Eefje Kuijl
Eefje Kuijl

Anna Taube
Anna Taube
Anna Taube, Eefje Kuijl

Sleepover in the Forest

Tonight's the night: hazel dormouse Holly invited her friend the racoon for a sleepover! Soon all the other animals want to join on the branch. Even Ben the bear shows up! Is this really a good idea though on this tiny branch?

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Eefje Kuijl, Anna Taube, Gerald "Greulix" Schrank

The Loo Crew

Everybody has to use the loo, no matter how big or tiny you are! At the moment, Mr. Bear is holding up the queue, can you hear him? What is he doing? The other animals are curious too, so Mr. Bear shows them how to properly go to the bathroom. Peeing, wiping, flushing, cleaning. Everything can be fun! Just don’t forget to wash your hands when you are done!

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Anna Taube, Eefje Kuijl

A Mole in the Hole

Oh no! Mo the little mole is stuck inside a hole in the ground! Only his feet are visible from the entrance of Jakob Mouse’s home. The other animals need to help Mo! One after the other, his strongest friends try to pull him out of his confinement together, but even with the help of Mr. Bear, Mo does not move a bit. As a last attempt, Pitt the tiny chick joins the animals and finally they can pull Mo out of the mouse’s home. He is free! No matter if they were big or small, every animal was important to rescue Mo and even a tiny little chick can make a difference.

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Eefje Kuijl, Anna Taube

The Whole Zoo Goes to the Loo

Katta Kitti has to pee. And she is not the only one! The elephant, the penguins and the monkeys also need to pee. Soon, the whole zoo is lining up in front of the loo. But the snake shows up and simply jumps the queue – how rude! Now everybody starts to push and shove. Finally the door of the toilet house opens up and who’s there? It’s zookeeper Toni! He reminds the animals to line up properly…. and to use toilet paper!

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