Where are the jingle bells?Neu
Pina Gertenbach, Marina Singer

Where are the jingle bells?

Published on 29.09.2020

Reading level: 3 years

16 pages

277 mm x 221 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3309-5


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• Innovative concept where the sound elements are hidden objects in crowded scenes
• 45 sounds create a special Christmas spirit that makes the searching even more joyous
• On-and-off switch

It’s Christmas season in Wimmelstadt and the whole city is overflowing with excitement and the Christmas spirit. On every page you can find different scenes with sounds that are typical for the holidays. Some citizens are practicing their carols while others are chatting at the Christmas market. Can you find everyone?

Pina Gertenbach
Pina Gertenbach

Marina Singer
Marina Singer
What a Christmas mess!NeuNeu
Pina Gertenbach

What a Christmas mess!

It’s almost Christmas Eve and all the children around the world are ready for their presents. But what about Santa Claus himself? How does he prepare for the big night? Let’s hope he finds his cloak and hat before it starts!

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Where´s What?
Marina Singer, Pina Gertenbach

Where´s What?

Somewhere amid those crowded scenes are funny details hidden. Find them out and press on them to listen to the stories behind those details!

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What an Easter mess!
Pina Gertenbach

What an Easter mess!

Three young rabbits are responsible for easter this year. So exciting! Well, until they realize they have overslept … they hurry up and run to the henhouse, but end up in the cowshed! Will Easter still take place this year?

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