When Little Tigers Need to Use the Loo Neu
Annet Rudolph

When Little Tigers Need to Use the Loo

Published on 01.03.2021

Reading level: 18 months

12 pages

173 mm x 173 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3377-4


• First introduction of using a loo in a playful manner
• Fun illustrations by Annet Rudolph

The little tiger really has to pee! But the mouse is currently using the loo, so the little tiger has to wait. Also, the tiger is not the only animal that has to pee and more and more of his friends join him in line. Finally, it's his turn! The little tiger and the bear use the loo together. Then the girl Lisa arrives because she has to pee as well. And Lisa can go on the toilette all by herself!

Annet Rudolph
Annet Rudolph

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