Norbert Golluch

What Does the Boar Do in the Garden?

Published on 24.07.2019

Reading level: 8 years

96 pages

246 mm x 175 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3105-3


  • With informative details about forest animals

Why are more and more animals migrating back into the cities? What impact does it have on us humans and on animals? This informative title will help you know what to do in case you find a boar in your garden!

Norbert Golluch
Norbert Golluch
Norbert Golluch, Elisa Buberl

Game Over

Our world will know an end, the question is when and how… Thie book contains the different scenario like overpopulation, epidemic plague or Aliens' assault! Along with real facts and grades of danger, questions about the probability and possible precautions...

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Norbert Golluch, Marielle Enders

The Ultimate Tricky Advent Calendar

24 times fun before Christmas

This book contains 24 tricky riddles for adults. It makes exciting the advent time! Perfect idea as a present.

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Norbert Golluch, Li Hong

Laotse´s Journey

Or How To Find Luck On The Spot

Norbert Golluch, author of many children´s books, wrote in this lovely illustrated gift book about the great chinese philosopher Laotse - small stories linked with beautiful illustration of Li Hong make you think a lot. A wonderful gift idea for everyone who wants to calm down and find luck!

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Norbert Golluch, Mascha Greune

The Hotchpotch Of Numbers

They are abstract, omnipresent and sometimes make us go crazy: numbers from zero to infinite. Nothing works without them. But why? This "Hotchpotch of Numbers" with 1359 entertaining, funny, apt and absurd trips into the colourful world of numbers shows you. Perfect for lovers of numbers. And also for maths allergy sufferers - because with this book you don't need arithmetic!

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