Wait for us Klaus, we'll save you, little mouse!
Andrea Schomburg, Igor Lange

Wait for us Klaus, we'll save you, little mouse!

Published on 19.09.2018

Reading level: 4 years

32 pages

245 mm x 245 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-2522-9


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  • Humorous rhyming text!

Klaus the mouse has disappeared
on the eve of Christmas, oh dear!
“Let’s go look for him” say his friends
“We‘ll find him by all ends!”
Mr. rabbit Hein has found big and scary tracks —
they must be from the monster that commited
these acts!
The group of friends dare to get outside the house
hoping to find their friend the mouse!

Andrea Schomburg
Andrea Schomburg

Igor Lange
Igor Lange
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