The Sounds of Our World
Kate McLelland

The Sounds of Our World

Published on 24.03.2020

Reading level: 3 years

16 pages

277 mm x 221 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3675-1


• Sounds of various animals and their habitats enhance the beautiful illustrations of Kate McLelland to an immersive experience
• 14 sounds: long, atmospheric sounds create the sceneries depicted on the double pages with shorter animal sounds that can be started individually

Let me tell you about the world – with sounds and pictures alone. This wonderful enhancement of the bestselling picture books creates an immersive experience for young and old! Fourteen carefully selected sounds are able to work alongside the beautiful illustrations and breath life into them: special atmospheric sounds set the tones of the different habitats around the world while the sounds of different animals showcase who lives in those places. It feels, as if you jumped into the book and visited the places yourself!

Kate McLelland
Kate McLelland
Let Me Tell You About Our World
Kate McLelland, Maria Höck

Let Me Tell You About Our World

Every day nature tells us a lot of exciting stories: A flower blossoms, life begins and ends, the seasons and the weather affect what happens around us. A wonderful world full of illustrations by Kate McLelland guides us in different habitats and shows the beauty and biodiversity of its flora and fauna.

This beautifully illustrated picture book shows the multitude of stories our nature has to offer … without any text! Each double page shows one distinct ecosystem with its living organisms (animals and plants) and climatic conditions.

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