The House At The Abyss
Susanne Gerdom

The House At The Abyss

Published on 05.02.2013

Reading level: 14 years

400 pages

210 mm x 145 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8666-7


  • Topic: spirits and demons
  • Mystery story, in which it is never clear who is real and who is spirit
  • Entertainment until the end with an unexpected twist

The old house on the cliff by the sea appears like a dark shadow to Adrian, who suffers from an incurable disease and has come to live with his father in a small cottage by the sea to recover. However, something about the sight of this strange house draws him to it and keeps him from getting his rest - and that in spite of the haunting hallucinations his illness causes him from time to time. When he goes on to investigate the house and its story, the mysterious girl November keep reappearing which leads him to believe that the fate of the girl seems to be connected with the house in a most sinister way... The closer Adrian gets to revealing its dark and incredible secret, the more do hallucinations and reality blend.

Susanne Gerdom
Susanne Gerdom

Susanne Gerdom works as a freelance author and a coach in creative writing. She lives with her family and four cats in the Lower Rhine area. For more than a decade she has been a successful writer of fantasy and novels of young adults and grown-ups.

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