Only one day's sleep
Ursel Scheffler, Dorothea Ackroyd

Only one day's sleep

Published on 27.09.2012

Reading level: 4 years

50 pages

205 mm x 255 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-7937-9


  • Advent calendar with marvellous stories for each day
  • With 24 stickers


How long is it before Christmas? How many more times do I have to go to sleep? With this advent book, waiting for Christmas is easier for impatient children. Every day there is an exciting story to discover about Santa Claus and his 7 gnomes. They still have to do a lot before Christmas... Wonderful present for children from 4 years old. To read out, to contemplate and 24 stickers to stick!

Ursel Scheffler
Ursel Scheffler

Dorothea Ackroyd
Dorothea Ackroyd
Ursel Scheffler, Corina Beurenmeister

The Witch Twins

Charming Stories

The little witch Alexa isn't in the mood for Walpurgis Night. That's so boring! Luckily she meets Mara who dropped out of a very boring birthday party. Mara is so excited to meet a true witch! Together they hurl themselves into a very exciting adventure - and gone is boredom!

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