Vanessa Weuffel

My most beautiful prayers

Published on 01.02.2021

Reading level: 4 years

30 pages

124 mm x 86 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4111-3


  • 30 beautiful prayers on cards, collected in a high-quality cardbox
  • Great and modern pictures on the front  
  • Perfect gift to Christian holidays like Christmas or Easter

The child can pick a prayer every day to be read in the morning as a way to beginn the day or in the evening to end the day. With this ritual it is easy to integrate Faith into every day life!

Vanessa Weuffel
Vanessa Weuffel
Vanessa Weuffel

Every City Has Its Story

Escape from everyday life and into the next adventure! This travel journal is your personal companion on all your city trips, be it New York, Paris or Berlin. Capture the impressions and experiences of your trip, secret tips for cafes, beautiful monuments and highlights of each city. In addition to your notes, the most beautiful photos can also be found in the memory book. On 80 modern designed pages you can record memories of your vacation and keep tips and information for later.

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