Inka Vigh

My Most Beautiful Biblical Quotations

Published on 21.01.2019

64 pages

126 mm x 202 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3025-4


  • With beautiful illustrations by Inka Vigh
  • The perfect gift for Communion!

The most beautiful biblical quotations and blessings in the form of a fish.

Inka Vigh
Inka Vigh
Inka Vigh

Ask God

In this Christian diary,  there's space for everything: Writing down favourite prayers, thought or questions, asking for help or saying 'Thank you'. Lovely designed verses from the Bible help to get inspired.

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Inka Vigh

On All Your Journeys

This album is the ideal book to keep the memories of your communion thanks to its many illustrations and modern texts.

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