Little Fairy Stories
Claudia Ondracek, Hildegard Rost

Little Fairy Stories

Series: Kangaroo

Published on 14.05.2008

Reading level: 7 years

48 pages

217 mm x 155 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-2800-1


Alexa can't believe her eyes: In the blossom she just picked a little fairy has gone to sleep! If the fairy would like to become her friend?

Three fantastic stories from fairyland!

Claudia Ondracek
Claudia Ondracek

Hildegard Rost
Hildegard Rost
My Box to Start Reading
Claudia Ondracek, Antje Flad

My Box to Start Reading

Both! This box fits for first readers. In each case three exciting stories are narrated by Lea, Andreas and Saskia at school: Leas snack disappears without any trace, Andreas finds a cat or the firefighters come at school!Children can remplace the picture by a word and with the memo thex learn new words. All together this box is great and useful!

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