Like a day at the seaside
Laura Lindberg

Like a day at the seaside

Published on 05.03.2013

64 pages

182 mm x 127 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8630-8


  • For those who need a break: a book as relaxing as a short getaway
  • Relaunch of the bestselling book "Like a day at the seaside" in a new format and with completely new, reworked content


This gift book is like small holidays for the soul, it invites to dream, to enjoy, to think and to smile. With atmospheric photographs and texts about the sea side, from the first rays of the sun in the morning with hot midday until sunset. This particular atmosphere at those times of the day is catched and completed by inspired quotations. A wonderful present for all stressed ones who need a break from the every day life and whose holidays are already over or in a long time.

Laura Lindberg
Laura Lindberg

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