Let’s Rattle! Little Bear
Ag Jatkowska

Let’s Rattle! Little Bear

Published on 18.03.2019

Reading level: 3 months

12 pages

105 mm x 105 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-2990-6


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• With die-cut part on the cover
• With colorful pictures

The rattle inside this book creates joy among the smallest ones!

Ag  Jatkowska
Ag Jatkowska

Ag Jatkowska grew up by the cold Baltic Sea and she still misses the smell of the sea and the sense of infinity. Ag spent her childhood drawing on anything she could find. She loved picture books and dreamed that one day she becomes an illustrator.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk with a MA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Ag loves creating whimsical scenes, full of cute animals, soft colours and textures.

Having lived and worked in Bath for a number of years as an in-house greetings card and stationery artist, Ag now enjoys working on a freelance basis. Ag has illustrated a broad range of children’s books and greeting cards. Ag is known for illustrating for many publishers.

Let’s Rattle! Little Rabbit
Ag Jatkowska

Let’s Rattle! Little Rabbit

The rattle inside this book creates joy among the smallest ones!

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