Leonie on the Pony Farm
Leonie Münker, Antje Flad

Leonie on the Pony Farm

Series: Learn with the Caterpillar

Published on 18.08.2009

Reading level: 5 years

32 pages

288 mm x 222 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-2853-7


  • Playful and individual support and encouragement
  • Interactive fun with pedagogical tasks
  • More tasks and riddles available at www.arsedition.de

"Can I also ride Molly?", asks Leonie. Straightaway she took the pony with the vanilla-coloured mane to her heart. Leonie's first riding lesson is very exciting - and goes by all too fast! Together with Leonie little "readers" learn a lot about horses and riding. Invitations to riddle and understand on each double page stimulate the linguistic development.

"The little story is extended with a precise system of tasks: Interesting comprehension questions individually support children and encourage them to communicate their thoughts and knowlegde." Marlies Koenen, language educator and author

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Leonie Münker
Leonie Münker

Antje Flad
Antje Flad
Leonie Münker, Antje Flad

Fly High Up, Small Mouse!

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Leonie Münker, Gabriele Dal Lago

Florentina, the Soother Fairy

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