Hoo, hoo, good night to you! Neu
Joanne Partis, Joschi Mühl

Hoo, hoo, good night to you!

Date of publication 30.06.2021

Reading level: 18 months

12 pages

175 mm x 175 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4461-9


• 11 atmospheric sounds create immersive stories for little readers
• Helps without moralizing undertone
• Lovely illustrations by Joanne Partis

It’s night-time in the forest and most animals are pre-paring themselves for a restful night under the watchful eyes of the owl. Mr. Bear is already sleeping soundly in his cave, his snores echoing loudly through the forest. Also loud but much more lively is the little mouse still playing with the toy train or the little bunny jumping up and down on top of the bed. But in the end, every little rascal grows tired and with one soft lullaby, the owl sings them to sleep. Sweet dreams!

Joanne Partis
Joanne Partis

Joschi  Mühl
Joschi Mühl

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