Frozen Time
Katrin Lankers

Frozen Time

Published on 03.07.2013

Reading level: 12 years

304 pages

214 mm x 155 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8961-3


In 2100 in the United European Nations (UEN), the totalitarian regime of the "Silverlions" governs, led by the President Samantha Figger. The "Silverlions" have established a system in which the life of every individual is strictly regulated and medical research has the highest priority.

16 year old Tessa Morton wakes up in intensive care – she has lost her entire memory except for one recurring – the pretty face of a young boy with whom she feels deeply connected. The doctors tell her that she has amnesia as a result of a virus infection.

Milo, a student of the medical elite course, works with Tessa in order to reconstruct her memory. Step by step, the two come to the true reason of Tessa's "disease". They discover the truth about the corrupt regime and privileged citizens supporting it, prolonging the life of a few and jeopardizing the health and lives of others for their own gain.

However, eventually Tessa does not only learn the truth about the government and the society she is now living in, but also about herself and her past. But knowing about her past, will she be able to come to terms with what she has done? Will she and Milo discover the identity of the boy she keeps seeing in her dreams? And knowing what they know now, will the two of them be able to set an end to the injustice and immorality corrupting their world?

Katrin Lankers
Katrin Lankers
Katrin Lankers

Glance Of The Elf

When Mageli gets to know the mysterious Erin, she feels that this stranger is somehow different. She is attracted by him, and at the same time the barrier between dream and reality seems to get more and more blurry. When Erin gets into danger, she has to take a decision: Will she be able to save him by confiding in the power of her dreams?

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