Every City Has Its Story
Vanessa Weuffel

Every City Has Its Story

Published on 24.07.2019

80 pages

180 mm x 123 mm

GTIN: 4014489121237


  • Modern and trendy designed journal
  • Find your favourite places quickly: With practical reading tape
  • Stable format for noting down memories and sticking in photos

Escape from everyday life and into the next adventure! This travel journal is your personal companion on all your city trips, be it New York, Paris or Berlin. Capture the impressions and experiences of your trip, secret tips for cafes, beautiful monuments and highlights of each city. In addition to your notes, the most beautiful photos can also be found in the memory book. On 80 modern designed pages you can record memories of your vacation and keep tips and information for later.

Vanessa Weuffel
Vanessa Weuffel
I Am Very Busy.
Vanessa Weuffel

I Am Very Busy.

The coffee in your hand, the goals in your head, and your feet on the way to the girls' evening ... this trendy office planner helps with time management, so that in everyday life motivation and work-life balance are not neglected. Use the clear fill-in-book as a weekly planner, which you can start whenever you want. It brings more structure into your daily work with holiday overviews, tips on to-do lists, day and project planning. Suggestions for more confidence motivate you in all your routines and projects. The self-care tracker also helps you to be mindful of your free time. Collect thoughts and ideas, keep track of deadlines, and watch your progress.

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