Eddie Fox and the Haunting of Stormy Castle
Antje Szillat, Susanne Göhlich

Eddie Fox and the Haunting of Stormy Castle

Published on 24.02.2020

Reading level: 8 years

192 pages

220 mm x 152 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3441-2


• Humorous adventure for both girls and boys
• Scary hauntings, boring school and wonderful friendship – bestselling author Antje Szillat manages to combine it all in a funny way
• Fantastic illustrations by Susanne Göhlich

Stormy Castle is an ancient castle high up on a rock which has been abandoned for decades. The perfect place to move a new school into. Or so it seems! Stormy Castle actually already has an owner: the Count of Fox and Wood – aka Eddie! Dead for 400 years, he still lives in the halls of Stormy Castle with his friend the bat Tilla, enjoying life as a ghost. The idea of a school with
loud children moving into his home is simply absurd! Eddie and Tilla see only one option: haunt the intruders out of Stormy Castle!

Antje Szillat
Antje Szillat

Susanne Göhlich
Susanne Göhlich

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