Antje Szillat, Susanne Göhlich

Eddie Fox and the Haunting of Stormy Castle

Published on 24.02.2020

Reading level: 8 years

192 pages

220 mm x 152 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3441-2


• Humorous adventure for both girls and boys
• Scary hauntings, boring school and wonderful friendship – bestselling author Antje Szillat manages to combine it all in a funny way
• Fantastic illustrations by Susanne Göhlich

Stormy Castle is an ancient castle high up on a rock which has been abandoned for decades. The perfect place to move a new school into. Or so it seems! Stormy Castle actually already has an owner: the Count of Fox and Wood – aka Eddie! Dead for 400 years, he still lives in the halls of Stormy Castle with his friend the bat Tilla, enjoying life as a ghost. The idea of a school with
loud children moving into his home is simply absurd! Eddie and Tilla see only one option: haunt the intruders out of Stormy Castle!

Antje Szillat
Antje Szillat

Susanne Göhlich
Susanne Göhlich
Antje Szillat, Susanne Göhlich

Eddie Fox and the Secret of the Tower Room

Eddie Fox lives at his beloved Stormy Castle and goes to school there, too. He has a big secret that only his best friend Pia knows about: he is actually a ghost! One day, a new teacher shows up at the school. He animates the students to top sporting achievements, and everybody is excited – everybody except Eddie. Because already during his lifetime he wasn’t much into sports … To make things worse, his golden book of spells vanishes. It really mustn’t get into the wrong hands! So Eddie urgently needs a plan.

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Antje Szillat, Susanne Göhlich

Eddie Fox and the Students of Story Castle

A new student has arrived at Stormy Castle and he’s trouble. Eddie has just come to terms with sharing his home with a school full of children but the new student disturbs the fresh peace. He starts with little pranks, but soon they develop in size and magnitude. After a few nightly chases through the whole castle, Eddie decides to become involved. It has to stop! Eddie, his friend Pia and the bat Tilla all agree that they have to do something.

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