Dress-Up Sticker Picture Book: Princess Pia
Maria Höck, Marina Krämer

Dress-Up Sticker Picture Book: Princess Pia

Published on 14.07.2016

Reading level: 3 years

14 pages

285 mm x 220 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-1007-2


  • With the potential to be turned into a series
  • Includes many removable stickers
  • A great theme for girls

Dress-up sticker book with removable stickers and a continuous story. Includes the topics: Girls/ Princesses/ Fairies & „to dress“.

Further titles with different themes planned.

Maria Höck
Maria Höck

Marina Krämer
Marina Krämer
Ms Hen wants to go to the Sea
Maria Höck, Tracy Cottingham

Ms Hen wants to go to the Sea

Ms Hen is terribly bored of the little farm she lives on. She dreams of going to the sea, but none of her friends wants to come along. So she gathers her courage and takes off all alone: She treks through fields and forests, climbs over mountains and walks through big cities making many new friends on the way.
This lovingly illustrated playbook features great characters in an exciting, brightly coloured world. It sparks the youngs ones' imagination and is sure to become an instant favourite. A funny interactive playbook for infants with traces, peepholes and a colourful, richly detailed world to discover.

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