Dragon´s Skin
Frances G. Hill

Dragon´s Skin

Published on 03.07.2012

Reading level: 12 years

464 pages

214 mm x 155 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-8453-3


  • A fabulous combination of fantasy and love story
  • Intoxicating, mysterious and sensual!

Mean rumours spread through Land Mohor: the son and hereditary prince of Shâya is said to be cursed by Naga, God of the snakes. Something mysterious is happening with the proud young man – but what is it? In the meantime, orphan Lilya is growing up protected in her grandfather’s house. She is scarred since having an accident in her childhood, but apart from her cousins’ mocking comments, life is rather comfortable for her: She´s served by slaves and attendants and has all the luxuries she could only wish for. Then one day Naga appears and changes Lilya’s life forever. Why does the snakes’ god step into Lilya’s fate? And why do her scars disappear? Lilya is being chased and her destiny seems to be mysteriously tied to the destiny of the hereditary prince…

Frances G. Hill
Frances G. Hill
Riot in Elfland
Frances G. Hill

Riot in Elfland

Soon it is the anniversary of the day that threw Elfland into fear and terror. At the moment everything is peaceful again, but every display of magic is highly monitored. The magicians eagerly wait for King Auberon to revoke his ban: It is against nature to forbid the practice of magic! And it won't remain that quiet for any longer. The first voices can be heard that question the King's authority ...


In this atmosphere, calm before the storm, the young elf Alana makes an acquaintance that will change her life: Her cousin Ivaylo reaches, under mysterious circumstances, her parents' manor. Soon Alana notices that Ivaylo is experienced in the old magical arts - and has a strange appeal with her. But can she really trust him, an elf whose parents have been sentenced because of treason?

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