Eric Berg


Published on 12.02.2016

Reading level: 14 years

192 pages

215 mm x 146 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-1231-1


  • The new crime novel for young readers by bestselling author Eric Berg
  • A gripping storyline narrated thrillingly
  • An exceptional page-turner with surprising twists

On a school trip to the Finnish wasteland both teachers get lost one after the other. Nobody knows what has happened to them. The leaders of the class want to use their freedom to party, some others preferably want to cancel the excursion. The situation tightens when snow falls in the middle of May and winter comes back intensely. The incidences take overhand when there is a student found dead and nobody can really say who´s victim or perpetrator ...

Eric Berg
Eric Berg

Eric Walz (alias Eric Berg) was born in 1966 in Königstein.

Ever since 2002, the year he decided to fullfill his childhood dream to become an author, he has been writing books. Quickly he made his mark as a writer of intriguing historical fiction: His debut novel „Die Herrin der Päpste“, a book on the life and times of Marozia, the influential and powerful mother of the Roman Pope Johannes XI, was an instant success. Many other works with historical setting were to follow, such as his historical crime novel trilogy on stained-glass artist Antonia Bender.

Only recently, he has increasingly turned to contemporary crime fiction published under his pseudonym Eric Berg. His latest novel „Das Nebelhaus“, a blood-curdling tale of murder and intrigue among a group of old college friends, has been at the top of German bestseller lists for months. In Spring 2015, his first book for young adults will be published by arsEdition - an atmospheric, gripping crime story set at boarding school and told from a multitude of perspectives. Another volume is already in the making!

Eric Walz lives in Berlin and on Gran Canaria.

Eric Berg


As she returns to school in the sweltering summer heat, Lulu is overwhelmed by a heavy sense of dread and an oppressive atmosphere. The start of this upcoming school year does not bode well: Not only that her best friend is obsessively drawing death scenes, but Lulu is also being bullied in a very nasty way. On top of all that, she can’t get Niko out of her head, even though she is in a happy relationship with Lars, Niko’s best friend. Tormented, isolated and confused, Lulu has to find a way to escape this nightmare and solve the enigma hiding within the confines of the school grounds. Then suddenly the situation culminates and unloads in a horrible scream, whose origin remains unclear until the end of the story. Introducing a multitude of perspectives recounting the horrible events retrospectively, bestselling author Eric Berg gradually lets the individual pieces of the jigsaw fall into place to form a gruesome whole …

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