Little Tiger, Tired WarriorNeu
Max von Thun, Marta Balmaseda

Little Tiger, Tired Warrior

Published on 18.09.2019

Reading level: 6 months

18 pages

184 mm x 147 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3426-9


• Beautiful and colorful illustrations by Marta Balmaseda
• Lovely lullaby written and sung by Max von Thun
• Perfect book for cuddling and creating new rituals for the bedtime

Even a little tiger warrior needs to sleep in order to regain strength for future adventures. Max von Thun has composed a lovely lullaby to help all the little tigers to fall asleep more easily. Colorful illustrations by Marta Bamaseda tell of the little tiger’s adventures during the day with his friends. In the end, they all fall asleep together, to gather strength for future adventures.

Max von Thun
Max von Thun

Marta Balmaseda
Marta Balmaseda

Marta Balmaseda is an spanish Illustrator. After working as a graphic designer in Sevilla for years she decides to focus on illustration, her true vocation and the reason why she studied Fine Arts in first place. Since then she has combined this activity with mural painting working for five years decorating Children’s Hospitals around the world with the a profit Foundation. She has illustrated several books  with different editors in Spain, Germany, England and USA. Today she lives and works in Munich.

The Keeper of Stars
Max von Thun, Marta Balmaseda

The Keeper of Stars

On the smallest planet of all in a very far away galaxy lives the Keeper of Stars. Every night he carefully spreads the stars in the sky and lightens them one after the other. One night, after having spread the widest stars he realizes that he lost the smallest star of all. He starts looking for her all around the sky, here and there, until he finds out she was hiding in his bed all this time. "No one notices if I am gone anyway", says the smallest star of all. And yet the Keeper of Stars knows it is quite the contrary...

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