10 Little Guardian Angels
Mia Reinke, Dorothea Ackroyd

10 Little Guardian Angels

Published on 07.10.2011

Reading level: 24 months

20 pages

95 mm x 130 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-6452-8


At the age of two years children like to combine and have fun with first counting experiments. That works better with glitter and die-cut effects that attract the children´s curiosity.

Mia Reinke
Mia Reinke

Dorothea Ackroyd
Dorothea Ackroyd
Mia Reinke, Sabine Kraushaar

All That Big! Pauline Can Do It Herself

Pauline can do everything herself - well, almost everything. This book explains how small children can take over little chores and help out at home.

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Patricia Mennen, Regine Altegoer

10 Little Butterflies

Series: Touch-and-Feel

10 little butterflies are flying high in the sky. What a wonderful morning! The little butterflies start the new day on their favourite flower field and undergo a lot of exciting adventures during the day. They meet eager honeybees, little baby rabbits, a racoon and many other animals. Come and join the 10 little butterflies on their adventures!

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  • 10 little guardian angels
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