10 Ladybirds Say Good Night
Isabel Abedi, Regine Altegoer

10 Ladybirds Say Good Night

Series: Touch-and-feel 10 Die-Cuts

Published on 01.01.2006

Reading level: 24 months

20 pages

186 mm x 245 mm

ISBN: 978-3-7607-7854-9


  • Sparkly fun: ladybirds with hologram foil
  • Along the lines of 'Ten Green Bottles' – one ladybird less on every page
  • Learn to count
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Every page is an adventure!

Ten ladybirds are looking for a place to sleep. Where is it nice and comfortable? In the bird's nest, with the elf children or at the bear's house? On every page, a ladybird is left behind to sleep. A book to help with first numbers and above all a magical, sparkling good-night story.

Isabel Abedi
Isabel Abedi

Regine Altegoer
Regine Altegoer
Sylvia Englert, Isabel Abedi, Bettina Müller-Nutz

Princess Vivi and the Wild Robbers

To kidnap a princess it is not difficult, but to get rid of her… This book for children from 4 years old tells us with a lot of jokes the adventure of the little princess Vivi, who makes the life of robbers difficult and coloured!

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Isabel Abedi, Dagmar Henze, Silvio Neuendorf, Ana-Maria Weller

The Most Beautiful Picture Book Stories

by Isabel Abedi

About quarrel and reconciliation, anger and strength, friendship and solidarity: Isabel Abedi addresses everything in this big anthology, which contains the following titles:

Silly Goose! Silly Goat!
Hexus Plexus
How Long? A Story about Time

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Isabel Abedi, Dagmar Henze

The 99th Sheep

The Complete Stories

Whenever Emma closes her eyes tightly she can see it: the 99th sheep. Every evening the two friends face fantastic adventures and travel around the globe together. Emma and her little sheep have helped many children warming to bedtime. Finally the dream team is back again - with all their stories in one volume!

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Isabel Abedi, Silvio Neuendorf

Silly Goat - Stupid Goose

All Picture Book Stories

They fight and then they make peace: Goat and goose are the best examples for kids when it comes to solving conflicts. Here, every "party" has its say. The concept of changing perspectives is successful since more than five years - and now all the brawlers' stories are assembled in one book. For a price that makes you happy ...

With advice for parents by educator Simone Wirtz

"Changing perspectives make it possible to understand other people's vantage points and where they have been hurt." Gabriele Hoffmann, Leanders Leseliste

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Anna Karina Birkenstock, Sandra Grimm

10 Friends Say Ahoi!

Series: Touch-and-feel 10 Die-Cuts

Bono Bear and his nine friends are going on a fun journey. But when the duck Antonia wants to help little duck to swim there are, plitsch, plitsch, platsch, only eight friends left. On every double page of this sweet book, one friend gets separated from the group to go on his own journey until Bono debarks on a little island and writes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine invitations.

A great book that takes children from the age of 2 years on a wonderful journey, playfully teaching readers to count from 1 up to 10. With beautifully illustrated pages and special glitter effects.

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Patricia Mennen, Christine Georg

10 Wolen Lambs

Series: Touch-and-Feel

10 little lambs wake up together in the stable, but during the day they are going to be less and less. One is asleep, another does't want to pass the river… A great book to read out, the little ones learn to count at the same time! Lambs wool can be stroked on the book!

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Patricia Mennen, Dorothea Ackroyd

10 Little Fish

At the age of two years children like to combine and have fun with first counting experiments. That works better with glitter and die-cut effects that attract the children´s curiosity.

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Zora Davidovic

10 Presents from Santa

Tomorrow it's Christmas. Reindeer Karlchen eats straw and yummy biscuits to become very strong, because he is the one to bring Santa to the earth. Who will get the first present? Is it Family Rabbit, the snowman or starlet Elli? Elli eagerly helps Santa and at the end, she gets the very last present!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

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