Lara Paulussen, Carolin Hensler

The Wonderful World of Birds

Published on 01.03.2021

Reading level: 4 years

48 pages

316 mm x 237 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3308-8


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  • 12 atmospheric sceneries and a poetic text
  • Perfect for gaining first knowledge about birds

The world of birds is vast and fascinating. They are oftentimes part of our everyday lives, beginning the morning with their singsong. Many of them can be seen around us, in the trees, on the roofs or high up above in the sky. But even more live colorful lives in areas far away which not everybody gets to visit. This picture book gives children a first introduction to the wonderful world of birds. It portrays various types from all over the world and gives insight into their habitats and attributes.

Lara  Paulussen
Lara Paulussen

Carolin Hensler
Carolin Hensler

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