The Natural Scientist Book
Eva Eich

The Natural Scientist Book


Published on 18.03.2019

Reading level: 8 years

114 pages

192 mm x 150 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3125-1


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• With details about animals and plants
• With space for filling in information

This title answers every question regarding nature and animals.

Eva Eich
Eva Eich
Eva Eich, Marielle Enders

Escape Room - The dark island

A mysterious invitation. An island in the middle of nowhere. And a race for strange inheritance, which suddenly turns into a game of life and death.
Right before christmas, Marc gets an invitation to visit his grandfather, a rich tech mogul, whom he has never met before, on his private island. But upon his arrival on this lost island, the old man is missing. While trying to find out what happened to him, Marc follows a track that guides him through the jungle, right towards devious hunters... and towards a secret that will change everything.
Only by solving all 24 riddles you will be able to leave the dark island !

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Marielle Enders, Eva Eich, Toni Hamm

The Christmas Trap

Mila wanted to spend the last few days before the Christmas holidays playing games and eating biscuits, but strange things start happening at school. Her neighbour Max, like some otherclassmates, suddenly shows up for class every morning completely overtired, but just won't talk about what's going on. When Mila then also observes how a huge vehicle lands on Max's roof and her friend is missing from school the next morning, it is clear that Mila must uncover his secret. Her only lead: a mysterious letter she finds in Max's secret hiding place. 

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Eva Eich, Marielle Enders, Toni Hamm

Three Mysterious Presents

Three strange presents and a mysterious message are the start of an unimaginable adventure for Stella and her brother Luka. Santa Claus has been kidnapped! Even the Christmas elves and flying reindeer have gone missing! Only Rudolph is left and together with a little spider called Melitta they decide to solve the mystery and save Christmas. Will you be brave enough to join the group in their adventure? Smart enough to solve the riddles you will encounter along the way? Will you be able to find Santa in time and save Christmas for everybody?

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Eva Eich, Marielle Enders

Escape Room - The secret of the Toy-manufacturer.

Gloomy catacombs. Locked doors. Dark secrets. 
Right before christmas Journalist Daniel Falk gets a mysterious message that leads him to a man that is laying in coma for years. As Daniel gets caught up by his past, he is left with only one choice: he has to break into the lost mansion of the toy-manufacturer and solve the deadly mystery that is burried in the depth of the catacombs...

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Eva Eich, Marielle Enders

Escape Room - the Shadow of the Raven

The reunion with her former fellow students becomes a nightmare for Liz. Upon getting there, she gets locked in the school. Thinking first this is a bad joke from her friends, she soon realizes that somebody is after her life. Some clues lead her to think that her friends are not as innocent as she thought: they are keeping a dark secret which will bring ruin upon all of them. A track of mysterious riddles guides her deeper and deeper into her past...

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Eva Eich, Marielle Enders

Escape Room - Trapped in the snow

After the death of his father, Jonas returns to his old and gloomy home village. After spending a few days there, Jonas gathers more and more clues pointing out that his father might have been a victim of a murder. The snow keeps falling and falling and prevents every possibility to live the village, leading Jonas to think that the murderer should still be in the village. He starts inquiring and gets the feeling that somebody is guiding him through thanks to mysterious riddles. Will Jonas be able to catch the culprit and escape the village?

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Eva Eich, Marielle Enders

The First Escape Room Advent Calendar

This is the ultimate challenge for fans of fiendish puzzles, escape room games, and mysterious crime thrillers! Answering each riddle correctly will lead you to the next hint of the story.

A young man wakes up in a dark cellar-room. He is alone and has no idea how he got there or who is behind all of this. There is only one thing he knows: he has to get out of here before it is too late!
This advent-thriller challenges your mind: only if you are able to solve the 24 riddles, you'll get to know how the story continues the next day! What adventureous story might be behind this gloomy Christmas trap?

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Carolin Hensler

The Nature Scientist Book


Acting for the protection of our planet is part of our everyday life and children are eager to help along! Information, tips and explanations are given in this book to help children take actions and concrete measures that can lower the impact we have on our planet.
Perfect to prepare outdoor adventures while taking care for the environment!

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Anita van Saan

The Natural Scientist Book

This book is the ideal companion for outdoor adventures! Seasonally structured, this book answers every question regarding nature.

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