Corinna Wieja, Tessa Rath

The magic of the bumblebees

Published on 30.07.2021

Reading level: 8 years

176 pages

216 mm x 151 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3821-2


• Humorous story with a spark of magic
• Easy to read due to short chapters
• Many illustrations by Tessa Rath

Lea has secret, she is a hedgewitch and can talk to all different types of plants! She is still learning about different types of magic that come along with her gift. However, she already knows about the magic properties that bumblebee honey holds. Which makes the theft of grandpa Dimitrios’ whole bumblebee hive even worse than it already is. This honey can bring fortune but in the wrong hands it can be used for bad luck. Lea and her best friend Jannis know they have to find the missing bumble-bees before anything happens!

Corinna Wieja
Corinna Wieja

Tessa Rath
Tessa Rath
Corinna Wieja, Tessa Rath

Lea Lavender

Oh no! While practicing her soccer skills, Lea accidentally hit her neighbor’s greenhouse. To pay her dues for the broken window, Lea helps the elder lady Hortensia Pepper with her plants. Soon she discovers that those plants are anything but ordinary and Lea finds herself in a magical adventure, trying to save Hortensia’s garden from the mayor’s evil plans …

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