Outi Kaden

Plant more trees!

Published on 30.07.2021

Reading level: 3 years

26 pages

205 mm x 170 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4260-8


  • Topical subject: the impact of humans on the living habitats of animals
  • Inspirational story that shows that even the littlest can make a difference
  • Colorful illustrations by Outi Kaden

The city is busy with people and cars, surrounded by tall buildings made of cement. It is a grey city with only a tiny park for the animals to live. The little squirrel decides to come up with a plan to turn grey into green, dull into lively and the city into an urban jungle. One thing is clear, they need more trees!

Outi Kaden
Outi Kaden
Outi Kaden

The little Elf of the winter Forest

A little elf lives in a cold and snowy forest and takes care of the animals at his best. He brings to the tit a few grains to eat as he knows she likes them quite a lot. The little fox caught a cold and needs to cheer up so the elf brings him tea and cough syrup! This charming board book mixes high-quality photographs with lovely illustrations, realistic scenes of the everyday life of animals of the forest with imaginary scenes of fantastic beings. A great way to discover nature with a new eye!

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