Heiko Wolz, Frauke Schneider

Falcon Peak - The Wind’s Calling (Vol.2)

Published on 27.09.2021

Reading level: 10 years

272 pages

220 mm x 152 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3689-8


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• Exciting fantasy adventure for boys and girls aged 10 and above
• Short chapters and unexpected twists
• Old legends and mythical creatures

Soon after his arrival, thirteen-year-old Kendrick realised that Mount Avelston School is no common boarding school. Some of the students are Aves, bird-people, and Kendrick is one of them. This secret society is dedicated to a very important mission: They have to guard a striking mountain, the Falcon Peak. According to a mythical legend, this hill hides a dangerous beast inside. But Kendrick already has a lot to deal with: He has troubles to transform back into his human-body after being in his falcon-appearance. He worries about loosing his magic powers. Kendrick needs to find the truth as soon as possible. If he becomes an Anima amissa, a lost soul, there is no turning back!

Heiko Wolz
Heiko Wolz

Frauke Schneider
Frauke Schneider
Heiko Wolz, Frauke Schneider

Falcon Peak (Vol.1)

13-year-old Kendrick returns to his late mother’s hometown to go to the local boarding school. He soon realizes that strange things are going on: Where do some of Kendrick’s classmates secretly go at some evenings? Why does the teacher, Ms Bocksworth, keep him under such close observation? And what is the legendary Falcon Peak all about? His classmates Ivy and Sienna seem to know more than they want to admit – and the answer to all his questions takes Kendrick back to his very own past …

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