Wolfgang Hohlbein, Jens Schumacher, Steffen Winkler

Escape Park Dangerous amusements

Published on 03.05.2021

Reading level: 12 years

240 pages

216 mm x 168 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4384-1


  • Combination of thriller and escape room game
  • Playable in 3 difficulty levels
  • With QR-Codes that set the time limit for solving the puzzles

Escape Park" is an interactive puzzle novel that combines an exciting story with guessing and brainteasers. While camping, a group of teenagers stumble upon a mysterious amusement park that has been abandoned for years. No sooner have they entered the grounds than a highly intelligent control unit comes back to life - and in no time the friends are trapped and cut off from the outside world. In order to be able to leave the park again, they have to activate a software that makes it possible to shut down the insane mainframe. However, the necessary programme has been hidden by a mechanic in secret locations on the park grounds, distributed over several memory bars. They are not easy to find - only if the reader of this gamebook cracks a series of puzzles securing them the protagonists can disable the artificial intelligence and escape from the park.

Wolfgang Hohlbein
Wolfgang Hohlbein

Jens Schumacher
Jens Schumacher

Steffen Winkler
Steffen Winkler

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